Adobe Experience Manager Sites Implementation

Create and Manage Web Content

Autotext Summary: This function automatically shortens text without altering its meaning. Using machine learning, it arranges sentences with better information.

Content fragments

Adaptive WEB design: Have you ever experienced that when you browse a desktop website, it's not the same as on mobile? With this feature, you can configure the design, text size, content, and navigation tools to adapt to different screen sizes and functionalities. You can also preview and optimize performance on various devices. ​

Single Page Application Editing: Many users leave if a website doesn't load within 7 seconds. With this feature, you can edit and manage single-page applications with open-source technologies like React and Angular.​

Experience Fragments: Reuse parts of a page. For example, if you want to use a specific experience fragment on 50 pages, you can make a simple edit in the master version, and all 50 pages will be updated with your content.​

Cloud Manager: Without stopping existing processes and tools, you can easily harness technology optimized by Adobe.

​Metadata: Define titles, tags, language, and page thumbnails, including properties. Add metadata for content fragments, such as titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails.

Multisite Management: From a dynamic and user-friendly interface, you can control all web and mobile device properties.​

Translation Integration: With AEM Sites, you can configure your site properties in multiple languages within minutes.

Content & Commerce

Adobe Experience Manager Sites (AEM Sites)

You will no longer have to make manual changes to each channel with AEM Sites manage interactive content efficiently with AI. It is a flexible platform to meet the needs of your business. It is the only platform that manages all your content securely.

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