Advantages of Adobe Journey Optimizer

Online and offline integration

Real-time customer profiles can integrate online and offline data from the entire customer lifecycle, enriched with internal sources such as CRM or physical point of sale, allowing for the creation of more personalized proposals.

Real-time data

A comprehensive view of the customer for a more complete real-time customer journey, combining data from offline and online touchpoints, whether external or native, to analyze events and actions they perform within your site.

Omnichannel journeys

Design and build omnichannel journeys with personalized messagesfor each customer, activating real-time planned campaigns at appropriate moments, all from a single application.

Personalized offers

Create, manage, and customize the best offers for your customers with AI and machine learning, regardless of when they interact on your site.

Integration of scheduled campaigns

Be present with an application that allows you to integrate planned marketing campaigns with real-time moments targeted to customers.

Customer Journeys

Adobe Journey Optimizer

Enhance personalized engagement based on real-time updated profiles and increase conversion in your campaigns with native cloud scalability through API extension.​

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