Advantages of Adobe Marketo Engage

Automation and integration

Through account automation and technology integration to attract, retain, and build loyalty with potential customers. Marketo Engage leverages AI to automate marketing workflows, constantly optimizing to deliver the most engaging content to your audience at every stage of their customer journey.


Marketing automation is based on real-time customer behavior and assigns lead scores, indicating their interest and purchase intent. 

Seamless integration

It seamlessly integrates with other external platforms and Adobe applications, creating an exchange of information and workflow automation. 


Enriches and segments audiences driven by AI:
- Prospective customer and account database
- Segmentation, enrichment, and activation of audiences
- Predictive audiences
- Data security and privacy

Data Insights and Audiences

Adobe Marketo Engage

Customers expect a personalized experience at all times. To achieve this, it is necessary to automate processes across various media and channels with robust reporting tools. These tools enable you to communicate relevant content in real-time, increasing engagement and conversion.

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