Control your inventory and sell big

Control your inventory and sell big
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AT&T the largest telecommunications company in the United States, entered Mexico in 2015 to transform the way you connect by offering advanced mobile services, high-speed browsing, and smart solutions for individuals and businesses.

An eCommerce site is built under the Adobe Commerce platform in a B2C model. This site was implemented under completely customized parameters for the client, where inventory management functionality plays a crucial role. It features hundreds of products, both tangible and intangible, and includes an outlet section where, thanks to the power of the Adobe Commerce infrastructure, it can handle thousands of simultaneous users who sometimes deplete the inventory in a matter of seconds.

For us and the entire development team at Wolf Sellers, it has been a great challenge and a learning experience over the years. It is an eCommerce site that is constantly innovating to deliver a great shopping experience to its users.



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