Customize the shopping experience with Adobe Commerce

Customize the shopping experience with Adobe Commerce
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The way of doing e-commerce has changed, and with it, the way brands want to expand in the digital market. That's why Bonafont has decided to take a 360-degree turn in its eCommerce.

It was based on a UX consultancy where expert teams participated in the analysis of the eCommerce. A new user experience was implemented in the FrontEnd with Adobe Commerce, reliable data was obtained, and different integrations with third parties were generated to have measurements that helped in decision-making.

Short-term changes included reducing the bounce rate of customers, stabilizing the average order, and growth in new customers with a decrease in digital advertising investment. The eCommerce is integrated with all Bonafont's logistical systems. 

Since its transformation in UX, sales, brand positioning, bounce rate reduction, among other factors, have exponentially increased.

This eCommerce is constantly evolving to provide an innovative experience to its customers.




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