Implement with Adobe Commerce the new Payment Gateway from ADDI

Implement with Adobe Commerce the new Payment Gateway from ADDI

Discover the new way of selling with Adobe Commerce

We present a new tool to increase conversions and the average ticket of your website. We developed a Payment Gateway for Addi, which allows the user to get instant credit for the products they want to buy from eCommerce developed with Adobe Commerce.


The trend of buying now and paying later has become popular among users due to the ease of acquiring a product immediately and having a specific time and/or defined terms to pay for it, without using a credit card. Remember that banking penetration in Latin America is below 40%, potentially opening up an infinite market.

Currently, these credits are managed through different companies, mainly by Kueski, Addi, and zip, which have different agreements for merchants, allowing their users to acquire the product instantly. These companies verify identity, assign minimum and maximum credit amounts, and generate a payment commitment with the user.


This new way of buying is entirely online and has different business rules that allow establishing guidelines and parameters for complete traceability of all approved and rejected credits. This makes it a revolutionary payment engine that meets the needs of users who want to buy on credit and do not have credit cards.


Integrate different payment methods and expand the range of acquisition possibilities for your users with Wolf Sellers and Adobe Commerce. Contact us at

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