Implementation of Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

Classify important data: Analyze relevant customer experience data to create real-time customer profiles with the help of AI and deliver personalized experiences.​

Experience data: Immediate access to standardized data from various channels to acquire descriptive and predictive information.​

Real-Time profile: You can create profiles based on acquired information such as transactions, interests, and behaviors to deliver more personalized advertisements.

Identified service: Gain a complete view of user interactions to deliver more personalized communication.​

Real-Time segmentation: You can create audience segments based on the potential customer's profile in real-time.

Query service: Provides centralized access to data, an open architecture, and artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.​

Data science workspace: Personalization at scale throughout the customer journey with native Adobe Sensei integration.

​API: Integrate developer tools to work with the full suite of Adobe products.​

Edge network: Configure the Edge Network with the entire Adobe Experience Cloud to facilitate external data transfers.

Location service: Manage the locations of your audience segments and automate their subsequent use.

Data governance: Control, centralize, and manage data governance policies in one place and add custom tags to maintain the security of your business.​

Data privacy: Adobe provides flexible tools to manage user data privacy requirements.

Security: Protect your customers' data from the start, including encryption functions, a robust infrastructure, and immediate service for monitoring all internal team activities.

Data insights & Audiences

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics provides you with tools to activate and enhance customer interaction throughout their journey.

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